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MMT, Germany, Norway

Currently, the FED mucks around with interest rates to accomplish speeding up or slowing down the economy. ALL new money is channelled through the bond market and the banks. With MMT, interest rates would be held very low,,, the Treasury would directly inject money into the economy. If price inflation were to occur, the treasury would raise taxes, NOT interest rates. Definitely an interesting idea.

Treasury, "The U.S. Treasury Department indicated that the government’s borrowing needs are rising faster than previous estimates as the Trump administration finances a widening budget deficit. The department expects to issue $365 billion in net marketable debt from January through March, up $8 billion from its estimate in October…"
Credit Bubble Bulletin : Weekly Commentary: No Mystery

Shale, "With the big Wall Street players now questioning the value of their existing investments in shale oil, the industry is finding it hard to raise money. Not a single bond sale has come off since November in an industry which must continuously raise capital to survive.

If the needed capital is not forthcoming, it means that companies will be faced with declining revenues from declining production. With lower operating cash flow and little access to additional capital, these companies will be unable to drill enough wells to offset declining ones. That means even lower revenues in the future which will mean even lower investment in new wells. That's what a death spiral looks like."
"Either the economy descends into recession, resulting in widespread job losses and a deflationary correction of today's ridiculously-inflated financial markets. Or the central banks go "all in" and launch QE4ever, leading to runaway inflation (runaway stagflation, more likely) and possibly hyperinflation."

The Germans have had quite enough of being an occupied country. They want Russian oil via Nordstream. They want out of the EU before they get screwed for their 1 trillion account surplus.
2/03 It’s not Brexit but “Deutsche-it” you want to worry about – Golem XIV
The Germans are also looking to break with NATO. They aren't stupid. They know that they will never be attacked by Russia.

Taxes in Norway,
Don't forget, every Norwegian is a millionaire.
2/03 Exhumed remains of Karl Marx to run for US president – Sovereign Man

WHAT do they expect? The poverty brought by Crony capitalism makes socialism attractive.
2/03 Chinese accelerate their exodus from US real estate – Zero Hedge
2/02 Melbourne housing prices plummet at fastest quarterly pace ever recorded – Zero Hedge
2/02 Australia home prices falling at fastest rate in 36 years – ND

Evidently, the Chinese have checked out of OZ also.
Tax avoidance years ago,
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