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Originally Posted by RAMSET View Post
I did notice Spacecase comment on 5g network
last week or so another member posted some concerns in the UK
about it being weaponizable ,his link he posted did not open for me in USA
so this AM I asked if he had another
here is You tube he sent ?

if off topic I will remove as always

Chet K
figured I should reply over here.

pulsed microwaves can alter brainwaves.
it would have been pretty easy for them to design the phone network to send out data packets in bursts timed to alter the brainwaves.
I suspect the digital TV stations are set to do the same thing,
and the reason I way this is that TV stations use to tell how annoyed they were with the large power bills they got.
but after they changed over to digital TV, they upped the power by a factor of 3, and never again mentioned any annoying power bill that should have been 3 times the price.
so I wonder who is paying the bill on these stations,
and if they did not put in the ability to pulse the data packets, they sure wasted a big opportunity.

I am pretty sure that some version of this is being used already,
I have a light and sound machine (meant to alter brainwaves), so I know what it is like to have it happen.
when I lived in the SF bay area I would often wake up at night with a physical reaction, it always happened at the same time on the clock, and it moved to track daylight saving time.
I built a Faraday cage to sleep in, and then forgot all about it.
so, 5 years later and after I had moved (into a metal building) and forgot about sleeping in a faraday cage, I went to go visit friends 150 miles from where I had lived before, and slept there for the night. I woke up with the same physical reaction at the same time as all the years before. this reminded me of all of what had happened years before
if I was awake at the time, nothing would happen to me, so,
I figure that the 5G network is likely going to be a more effective version

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