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Originally Posted by ilandtan View Post
I appreciate the background and agree with your conclusion. Well said, and eloquently so. A+

Even though many houses shall burn by fires created by the careless, we don't outlaw the rights of individuals to create a fire.
Thanks, I'm calling from memory so I can't be as specific as I would like. I wanted to bring two recent stories forward to bolster why we have to stand united.

Probably no governmental agency has done more to stab the American people in the back than the FCC.
A panel of judges listened as the FCC defended its repeal of net neutrality rules and deregulation of the broadband industry. Arguing that broadband isn't telecommunications.

This isn't about telecommunications, it's about censorship and controlling what we the people know. Our so-called mass media is nothing but pure evil and here's a story I doubt you heard which proves it, though one would think this would be national headlines as it rightly deserves to be.

Houston, TX — Four Houston police officers were shot on Monday during a drug raid on an alleged heroin dealer’s home.


I urge you to read this. It is beyond belief, beyond being forgiven, I cannot even begin to say how deeply disturbing this story really is.

Imagine you and your wife are at home, you're old and looking forward to retirement, when suddenly five men burst in the front door with guns in hand and immediately shoot your beloved pet, your wife dives on top of one of the intruders trying to wrestle a shotgun from the murder and before your own eyes is killed by gunfire from the other invaders, you grab the pistol on the dresser and return fire hitting four of them before being killed.

This is pretty much what took place. 5 cops, none of them in uniform, not announcing who they were or what they were doing, let alone who should believe them anyways without uniformed officers present. I sure as hell wouldn't, and yet again this was the method by which the Huston Police were executing a search warrant on a supposed drug dealer.

They hadn't even bothered to verify the allegation because if they had they would have found it was a false allegation. So now they have murdered two people and their pet and yet again somehow this legal? Legal by whose account? On top of this the Chief of Police defended this thuggery by saying, and I quote; " if you shoot at the police you can expect to be shot at."

Take a look at who these people were that these so called police thugs killed. I cannot even believe this is real, let alone the way this was excecuted, and then expect that anyone wouldn't have reacted exactly the same way given the chance. Ya know, if this were like 1880 and the police had done this the people would hang the lot of them or else shoot them down on sight.
That this kind of thing is going on anywhere in this nation is beyond being forgiven. There is no possible excuse for what took place.

Yet again I'm perfectly safe and have no right to a gun that holds more than one bullet, or possibly none at all. Are you kidding me?
"The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."

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