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Originally Posted by Dwane View Post
Hi guys,
Have found a few hours this weekend! Have set up first stage of the energy transfer test as per Tesla. Simple stuff. But, following the rules, such as wire weight, turns etc, this worked first time I switched the power on. Reassuring to say the least! Am still waiting for my wax modules to come out of hibernation, will get some perspex tomorrow and give that a try. The teflon is a bit tricky given the high temperatures required. Photo attached.

@Franklin, this might help!
Hey Dwane,

I knew that would! Experiment the different ways to attain power by going straight to Earth ground on the receiver. But before you do that, place a piece of metal between the two top loads as a shield. If you ground the receiver to the battery, there is no interruption of power output. Now when you use Earth ground as part of the dipole on the receiver and you shield the toploads, you will see the power transfer drop.

Now you know what you have setup, couldn't be how Tesla was going transmit the power through the Earth. However, if you have a third coil, you will see how it is done.
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