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Originally Posted by Inquorate View Post
Just to let everyone know, Dr R Stiffler has passed away. I had been in email contact with him over the past few years and learnt a lot. Not all of it about electronics. He was a great man.
I have decided to write a manuscript, time permitting, which will begin from the basics.
I obtained permission from Dr Stiffler to do this, up to a point.
I guess you guys would like to see some videos as I go along?
Well my condolences to his family. Doc was a very talented engineer and scientist. We should definitely try to understand and continue his work as best we can. I'll be working with this oscillator circuit until I'm gone too.

Wherever you are Doc....... Thanks for the teaching!

I have some stuff, maybe you already have it, you'll probably want for that manuscript of yours Ben.

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