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Anyone reading these patents is going to have think very carefully for themselves. Meaning that it is almost certain that some or even most of the material in them could be intentionally placed to create the idea that something is more complex than it really is, and I want to stress this since the real threat with the Alexey is what it potentially shows us.

Shills are also especially found of stressing how complex antigravity technology is, but this idea of complexity as a necessity to anti-gravitational technology is something which is primarily based on the seemingly magical like qualities found in reports of UFO's and drones, and so it seems logical and is easily gulped down. However this complexity requirement comes out of the "story telling" surrounding UFO's and Drones.

Just like any other engine or electronic device all the pieces have to fit together and work together to achieve a result. What we are really seeing is that the gravity control technology is probably not that complex, but it is not well understood either, and if that idea is understood then the whole secret civilization is going to go down in flames. This means that the objective of counter intelligence shills and so called whistle blowers is to maintain the illusion of complexity as a requirement to successful gravity control.

"dragonfly drone sightings came to prevalence in May 2006 and peaked in 2007 with more than a dozen witnesses in geographically separate parts of the United States and further afield reported seeing, and photographing strange dragonfly drone-like aerial objects in broad daylight."
Dragonfly Drones / CARET | Truthfall

This extreme story telling about supposed alien complexity really comes through in the case of the CARET Drone whistle blower's scribblings. The writing of this so called whistle blower stress this claim on complexity to a point of absurdity. So either he's a gullible fool or he's something else. 99% of the story is just a load of manure laid on thick.

This whistle blower who supposedly wrote the C.A.R.E.T drone papers also claimed that similar CARET Symbol Language as he called it, was quote "rumoured To Be Found In A 10,000 yr old Cave."

Lol~ yea right. Another Wing Maker ready to lift off.

The whole Big Basin Drone story is really interesting to revisit because you can now see a lot of manipulation from the top down. The final revelation of the supposed whistle blower was insanely complex and far beyond the ability of even our best computers. This is of course just a load of BS.

Honestly the BS in the C.A.R.E.T whistle blower papers is so deep you have to put on hip waders. There's only two things which really come through. The first is that it's almost total disinformation, and the second is that what truth is found in the papers is very limited, like maybe a paragraph, and that truth is that the machines are solid state; meaning they are made primarily from materials, not to be confused with electronics, and that there is correlation between the shape of materials and how they react in a given energy field, not to be confused with the claim that it's the symbol's themselves which execute a program when the machines materials, symbols, and energy field all are combined. This then takes us back to the Alexey and the ARV and something approaching sanity. None of the claims about self executing alien linguistic symbols are real. It's all BS invented to test our gullibility, but again the point in this is to lay the ground work that these are alien devices and that the technology is out of this world.

Here's some links for those interested in revisting some of the information.
Dragonfly Drones / CARET | Truthfall
My Experience with the CARET Program and Extra-Terrestrial Technology
Research (Detailed board)
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