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Big bumps in the road

MMT says that GOV should just print the money that it needs.
2/02 Nobody buys US Treasury’s but “other investors(?)” & mutual funds – Economica
"This means the domestic public has been left to purchase an unprecedented $3.2 trillion, or 84% of all issuance since QE ended. The chart below details which domestic sources have been adding to their holdings; "other investors"
Call me suspicious but, I believe that QE has morphed into MMT.
2/01 An obituary: Fred Credibility – NorthmanTrader

Armstrong, "This new year for Japan is going to be a really crazy and chaotic year. There will be nationwide local elections held in mid-April, which Socrates is already picking up on the horizon. This will then be followed by Emperor Akihito’s historic abdication also at the end of April. Traditionally, this will begin a new “era” in Japanese custom.

Then arrives June, when Japan will host the drinking party known as the Group of 20 Summit in Osaka. This will be a first time ever event for Japan. The event will be followed by political tensions that will really soar during late summer when the Upper House political election is held. After the elections, the Japanese will then be hit with the tax increase in the consumption tax hike, scheduled for October, when it will jump from 8% to 10%. We are approaching the tipping point in Japan "
2/02 FIT cuts and lower revenue may cause more bankruptcies in Japan – PV Magazine

Armstrong, "ANSWER: Unfortunately, socialistic governments pretend that they are taking your money for your own benefit. The excuses are endless. Nevertheless, they constantly oppress the people by taking an ever increasing portion of their net disposable income, crushing them into the dust. The motives seem to change, but the end is always the same. This is why the Founding Fathers forbid direct taxation. That was such a critical deterrent to prevent revolution. The governments followed Marx at the beginning of the 20th century, and then convinced themselves that they were doing it to care for the people. In the process, they paid themselves pensions that no one else could possibly attain. Forbidding direct taxation was the only possible way to prevent the recurrence of revolution."

The Eurozone is a perfect example of the government taking enormous amounts of money to "help" everybody out. The result;
2/02 Italy heads for 2nd lost decade, entire eurozone contracting – Mish
2/02 EU charges eight banks over alleged government bond cartel – GATA

I suspect that the major crime of these 8 banks was; they refused to buy government bonds.
2/01 Payrolls surge by 304,000, smashing estimates despite government shutdown – CNBC
2/02 Jobs rose by 304k although employment fell by 251k – Mish
2/01 Almost 26 pct of Greeks cannot afford to heat their homes – Ekathimerini Austerity has NEVER worked and the poor Greeks have been screwed by the German banks.

2/02 House Democrat says Green New Deal “smash and grab” is over – Intercept
Well, that didn't last very long. The election is quite near considering that they must groom a viable candidate.
2/02 America’s withdrawal from Syria must be total – American Conservative
It WILL be, once all the oil is gone.
2/01 63 of America’s largest 75 cities are broke – SHTFPlan I won't tell if you won't.
The job market, Why Do So Many Modern Jobs Seem Pointless? -
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