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Originally Posted by spacecase0 View Post
I see what you were saying now

and people have tried to contact Alexey, he refuses to answer any questions at all.
I know Spacecase, but just look at what kind of people he has to deal with. Can you imagine what a thousand idiots like the one here now would be like? I don't listen to someone who ignores all the information and then lies and uses insults to win an argument. If I want that I'll go over to GLP for a dose of idiocy. So I can't blame Alexey. Who wants to deal with a punk let alone a thousand of them. Again this is behavior modification and it's probably being done in the hopes that I will stop scribbling, but all that has to happen is for the Admin to put a stop on him, which isn't happening of course. He's free to wreck my thread and anyone else's. That's why I asked for people to do something.

Either you get something from the Alexey or you don't, and obviously this forum has a shill that really doesn't want you getting anything. Alexey is an easy target because Alexey doesn't know why his machine works, not really, and you notice when I asked dipstick repeatedly if he knew how it worked there was silence. He can only say it's a fake and find fault in a low quality video. However, if you go skim over these last two patents and also listen to Wheeler then I think we can begin to see that there is a developing convergence of information.

This is a 119 page patent that sinergicus found and posted.

Focusing on whether or not a very low quality video proves anything is not going to be as useful as seeing if you can explain the machine based on what you think you understand. Again, I think there's enough in the Alexey to think it could be real. More, I think the Alexey is perhaps dangerously close to the truth and that's why I have a prick haunting my thread. Take for example the ultrasonic emitter on the Alexey device and then notice this is also something which seems to be visible on every Big Basin Drone image where the resolution is high enough to make them out.

Now despite the denials of an imbecile, the big basin drones appears to be using ultra sonic emitters on them as well. Originally I doubted these had any real purpose on the Alexey. I thought they were chrome bling ladd on's that Alexey had added to his machine trying to cover all the bases, but maybe he spotted these in the Big Basin Drone images. It is interesting that they are in all the images. All of them have these in the photo's where the resolution is high enough to see them. I didn't think the ultrasonic emitter was needed on the Alexey but now I'm not so sure after re-examining a lot of the Big Basin Drone material and scanning over these patents.

Right now, I'm considering ending the discussion here because this idiot is being allowed to run wild, and when clearly he has no intention of discussing anything, and when he clearly is only intent on denying everything. He is on a mission and that's is obvious to me and there is reason for this of course. Seems like treason has no bounds these days. The evidence strongly suggests the Big Basin Drones and the others are surveillance drones, and they are invisible unless there is a malfunction, and they are being based out of public lands that have been hijacked and put off limits. This is on-going nation wide and is visible. In other words these drones are evidently being based out of national forest preserves for the purposes of maintaining the secrecy of a covert surveillance system, whilst at the same time using assorted ecological arguments to prohibit travel inside of public lands. Now the key to this is that these drones fly at very low altitude, typically less than 100 feet over the tree line. At that altitude they aren't in danger of being rammed by an aircraft. I was puzzled over this for a brief while but after reviewing the known reports on these drones then it all became clear, because light aircraft can fly without filing a flight plan and they also don't have to have a transponder, but they also don't fly 20 feet over the tree tops either. However, model planes & helicopters do, and certainly the toy drones do all the time. I was just looking at the FAA website a while back there were calling for increased prosecution of people caught flying toys who weren't paying taxes and who weren't telling the FAA they would be flying a drone or model plane as is now supposedly required.

So now hopefully you see the rational behind the otherwise seemingly crazy things involving toys and restricted access to public lands. Evidently these Surveillance Drones are watching us and they aren't very high up. It appears that the whole home delivery drone thingy is probably a cover that's been invented and which may or may not come to pass. Also there might be a connection to microwave towers as it seems logical for a variety of reasons. So now we know why model airplanes and toy drones are the target of the deep state. It isn't evidently because pizza the hut wants to do home delivery. Therefore I'm not surprised dipsick is here trying to wreck this site and my thread specifically. Probably thinks he's doing this as patriot instead of as a traitor. I guess the next thing is to really recognize that this the most probable explanation for these otherwise nonsensical activities, and so now we need to find a way to see these things and there are of course several possibilities. At least one of which is almost a surefire deal but temporary.

PS: Given the time frame involved these Surveillance Drones may have evolved in to other shapes such as the flying beach balls that have been seen and reported. That would seem likely in my view. I may or may not post here again. See how all this fly's over the next few days.

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