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Originally Posted by Gambeir View Post
BTW, what the Sheriff says about how we as a society have changed fits perfectly with Shoshana Zuboff's secrets of surveillance capitalism and behavior modification, aka Cattle Herding 101.

So I have been debating on posting the following but I guess I have a responsibility of sorts. Reason being is that I'm supposed to be somewhat educated in the area of American History. So hopefully some may find this enlightening. Lets begin with understanding that we only have the Federal Constitution because of the Bills of Rights. We don't have the Bills of Rights because we have the Federal Constitution, the Federal Constitution on exists by standing upon the Bills of Rights: Without the Bills of Rights there is no lawful government. Any act to alter or destroy the Supreme Laws is high treason because it means the destruction of the social compact between the people and their government, and High Treason is defined by making war on or giving aid to those who do make war on the government. We the people are the lawful government: Remember that, your kids will thank you for doing so.

Before the Federal Constitution was adopted the American States were under the Articles of Confederation. America actually had several Presidents before George Washington.

The Federal Constitution is without any safeguards to excess power. There are no restrictions on the authority of the government in the Constitution. All the provisions which prohibit the invasion by unwarranted governmental authority come from the Bills of Rights. Without these you have nothing but the cold steel you hold in your hands. Don't forget it.

A bill means law in the vernacular of the epoch in which the Federal Constitution was put forward. The reason they are called Amendments is that the people of the Confederated States of America repeatedly voted down the Federal Constitution. I think New York voted it down 4 times, and almost all the others voted it down at least twice and most three times. So this push by Washington, Jefferson, Adam's, Hamilton, and others to create a strong central government was a failure. They couldn't get the people to vote to adopt the Constitution and the reason is that this document is without any prohibitions on power. Keep in mind that these people had just come out of a war with King George. The last thing they wanted was another dictatorship.

The result of all this is that 10 of the 12 Bills of Rights from the Virginia Constitution were added on to the Federal Constitution in an attempt to once more get the people to pass the proposed Federal Constitution in to law. This is why these laws, the Bills of Rights, exist and it is why the Constitution exists. Those laws became the legal foundations upon which the American Government was formed. They specifically state that no part of them may be changed for any reason; like forever.

Now we the people can choose whatever government we wish, but there is a legally defined path to do this. We are free to choose Communism or anything else but it must be done by a legal process. That process requires that we choose to create a new government. We cannot modify the existing one by altering the Supreme Laws. That is clearly defined as an act of War on the Government, and since we the people are the lawful authority it is an act of war on the people to attempt to change the Supreme Laws which are the Peoples Supreme Laws. Those laws are the Bills of Rights.

What you're seeing right now before you in your own lifetime is an attempt to overthrow the government> it is war making on the people and their supreme laws. It is in reality a back door coup d'état which is taking place. Almost anything can happen when the reality of this is finally dawned upon the people. My advice is to try to be prepared as best you can.

All State Constitutions affirm the Supreme Laws of the Land and the 14th Amendment makes the Bills of Rights the supreme laws in all states. The point here is that it is high treason to attempt, by any means, to alter the Bills of Rights. The penalty for doing so is death. To advocate the alteration (aka gun control) is in truth sedition. No matter what the stooges in Olympia say, no matter what anyone else says, there are enough people who do understand that the way this being made to happen is fundamentally illegal and it's clearly defined that it is illegal in my opinion.

Many people are foolishly not clear about what they are engaged in doing. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. These laws are the supreme laws of the people. This nation would not exist without them and any alteration of them voids the compact between the people and their government. Understand? The people doing this are making war on our government and on us. If successful it means revolution: Violent revolution, and the people engaged in these underhanded backdoor acts know what they are doing is the highest crime that can be done. These are educated people. They know what they are doing.

Finally, if one is so foolish as to think that gun control is a legal act, and if that comes to pass as a pretended legal act which is accepted, then the next laws will be whatever else the billionaires direct their stooge agents in Olympia Washington to put forward. Which is probably going to be to outlaw your car, then create public work requirements, and so and so forth. Think Carefully. The Bills of Rights are the Holy Documents of Freedom and unquestionably the single most important legal documents ever written for individual rights and liberty.
I appreciate the background and agree with your conclusion. Well said, and eloquently so. A+

Even though many houses shall burn by fires created by the careless, we don't outlaw the rights of individuals to create a fire.
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