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Originally Posted by Netica View Post
Hi med,
Sorry but because I can not physically understand what those black and red cup shape things are or supposed to relate to or what they are supposed to actually be it is impossible to understand and follow what you are trying to explain. Because what they are in the drawing is what matters as to what happens. If they are supposed to be a particular coil or a particular capacitor and particular orientation then show exactly what they are and how they are orientated. Or if they are something else which is attached to something else please show it.

Hi !

the black cup is a negative plate, the red is positive plate , both is a charged capacitor , after discharging it and because it also a coil there's some interesting phenomena happen .. the following is what i wrote in my PDF :

Let us start by analysing how the extended Tesla bi-filar coil
works. Imagine that the following drawing is a
charged, extended Tesla coil with the positive and negative parts, shown as red and black plates respectively

the cups there is just a plate , the drawing also help understand the inductance behavior, this is why i have to draw them as a cup using office Microsoft word .. 3D model will be amazing but not easy to draw but the idea is simple, when we connect the red plate with the negative plate an electric current will circulate and build a magnetic field .. the nice thing here is we secure a static electric field from the induced E field .. this is an extra power wasn't present before , this was the most easy model to understand the ETBC, another model describe it as a compacted Tesla wireless power transmitter ,
we have also a third model still not analyzed but anyone read my work here can see it :-)

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