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Originally Posted by Dwane View Post
This concept is difficult to absorb. Let me see if I have an explanation. In a Don Smith circuit, when driving the L1 coil, the reactive power is the voltage sent to L2 when the spark gap fires? The reactive power becomes absorbed through inductive transfer by L2? But, as very little amperage is transferred, L2 becomes a container for Reactive power. We then have to be able to join this inductor to a capacitive source to obtain useable Power? Would this be what is happening?


Hi !

the reactive power circulate between L1 and the tank capacitor , it has all the impact of active power with one critical defect... , there's a 90 phase shift between voltage and electric current , which mean it need a simple correction possible if we use the ETBC as primary coil, at this moment we need a good circuit can do that , after i think the puzzle will be solved i hope

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