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There is no comparison between Li-ion and LA batteries. They are totally different. I use LA batteries regularly for my research into the possibility of OU. I use Li-ion regularly in my RC airplanes so I am familiar with the charging and care of both types of batteries.

Just for your information I tried a little test yesterday. I have a good battery analyzer that will give me the actual CCA of a battery and the internal resistance. I took a badly sulphated battery and measured a CCA of only 36.66 CCA. This battery is supposed to have a CCA of 145. It is a small U1 type of battery. These are the very minimum size battery you can use to prove the 3BGS system will work.

I pulsed the battery with 15.5 volts with a duty cycle of 25% and a frequency of 20 hz. After pulsing the battery for about 8 hours I let it rest overnight. When tested again this morning I got a CCA of 45.40 and an internal resistance of 65.50 milliohms. The previous internal resistance was 72.28 milliohms. So both the CCA and internal resistance shows that the proper charging of a battery can restore and keep a battery in good condition.

And I did see the battery reach a plateau of about 14.45 volts and just sit there. It was at that point I believe the desulphation was taking place.

I will keep pulsing this battery until I can't get it to restore any further and see how far it can be restored. It has been sitting for over a year without any use or charging so if it can even be restored to half of it original capacity that if proof enough for me that pulse charging and using a higher voltage for charging than is normally used is the proper way to take care of a battery.

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