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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
This is Ozzie Knezovich, my local Spokane County Sheriff - he's a good man and he gets votes from both sides.

Some of his thoughts on guns:

The recent Washington state initiative that passed is blatantly unconstitutional and I'm looking forward to it going to the Supreme Court.
As shown by the giant F-U handed to the criminals in NJ, the consequences of these treasons is the continued erosion of lawful authority. Meaning that with each act of treason the people are themselves denying there is a lawful authority behind the laws. In other words, these and other criminal pieces of legislation are actually destroying the entire political system. We see that the traitors seem to come out of no where and from both sides. They are constantly raising taxes without any lawful authority. My car tabs doubled over 3 years on a 30 year old car. Now costing over $100 dollars when in Montana it would cost me $10 dollars on a car over 10 years old. So ya know, what's coming is the wholesale rejection of lawful authority where people will just ignore wholesale the entire system. That's going to mean the death of politics, or at leas the death of the political system we do have right now. Which would be a God Send frankly. I just hope the cops get this figure out so they don't get caught in the middle of the billionaire traitors and their corrupted politico's.

Just remember, when the dust settles, and it will, then the trials can begin. The penalty for High Treason is still death ya know. We have to put together another political arm with real people who care about our nation because obviously these people don't, and we already know it's the billionaires that are funding the politico's who keep introducing the legislation to disarm the people, mostly though fake NGO's. All these people are like crazy in my view. I hope they find themselves before a brick wall being offered a blindfold, but really I think that what will happen will be unexpected, but for certain these laws won't be respected and they cannot be enforced without going in to complete revolution so that's not happening. I just hope we see reason before we see wholesale bloodshed over this.
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