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Booster 2 connection

Originally Posted by axxelxavier View Post
I have data only for the first run of the 3BGS setup with booster, which last only 11,27 hours, until differential voltage drop below inverter low voltage limit (9,6 volt).
Second run is not complete, and I added also a second booster, for recovering some energy in the primaries. The results looks so far promising, but, I believe now the load it's too big for the system, so I may drop one led bulb, to see if I can balance the system.
In attachments, you will find also the schematics with one booster and with two boosters, I hope they are clear enough.
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The output of booster 2 should be connected to the + of battery 1 according to your diagram. You show it connected between battery 2 and battery 1