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Bedini's chargers/rejuvenators

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
With John's passing, is anyone manufacturing battery chargers based on his tech. I mean besides "you know who"?
Short answer: Tom & Eric are making some solar charge controllers available and I've been testing some prototypes based on John's circuits that I'm putting into production soon.

Long answer: see below...

Tom & Eric I think have a couple solar charge controllers. Those are straight linear current regulator chargers so are not the best for rejuvenating old batteries but are good for keeping good batteries in good condition.

Soon, I'll be putting a 5 amp 12 volt solar charge controller back into production - actually, John only made one of those for me for to test, but it will be produced instead of the 3 amp 12v one, which was very popular. It is also a linear current regulator circuit.

If you get a constant current constant voltage adjustable dc power supply - you can set it to charge up to 15.1-15.3 for flooded cell batteries - just short the leads and adjust how much current you want it to max out at and when hooking it to a battery, it will for the most part act just the same. Just with the solar charge controllers, they can always receive solar input easily.

I've been testing one of John's prototypes that is more efficient than the older charge controllers (Solar Trackers) - still linear current regulator circuit, but more efficient. He considered it to be the best one he ever designed but never had a chance to put it into production. I'm waiting for some of the components so I can build a few more prototypes for testing. This one will obsolete all linear current chargers that he produced in the past.

Any of these solar circuits can of course be operated with a power supply instead of panels - like the one described above to mimic a solar panel for testing.

For rejuvenation of older batteries, the only charger John came out with that did that with inductive discharges (spikes) was the original Generation 1 - 2A12 - 2 amp 12 volt. It was short lived because the batteries charged or rejuvenated that way long enough didn't like to get charged with normal straight current chargers anymore. All 2A12 models after that went to cap discharge.

The last model (5th generation) 2A12 that was released was the EX or Extreme version, which was the best. It was actually identical to the 3rd generation model. The 4th generation was less aggressive and discharged a cap about half as fast - still excellent but the 5th generation was a reintroduction of the 3rd generation because it was stronger. Magically, after John died, the pic chip source code for that model disappeared. I might just put the 4th generation one back into production - still an excellent unit and nothing else touched it for what it was compared to anything on the market.

I have also been experimenting with some of the old Tesla Switch Solar Amplifier circuits prototypes. I may put those back into production as well and they are also excellent rejuvenators. The charged the caps in parallel and discharged in series.

First one I'll put back into production will be the S5A12 solar charge controller. Second will be either the 2A12 Generation 4 model or the Tesla Switch Solar Amplifier or the linear current one that is the most efficient one that John never put into production. Anyway, the 2nd one to be put in production will be one of those 3 - haven't decided yet.

Other than these future plans, nobody is producing anything worth mentioning in my opinion.
Aaron Murakami

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