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go edit your last message and remove your email address
you might get way to much spam if you do not
I also sent you an email.
google often does not like me sending messages to new people, so go look in your "all mail" folder if you don't see it.

long ago lots of scientists looked at NMR for free energy, Telsa was one of them. makes me wonder what happened to that idea.
the only history I can find on that is that everyone just quit talking about it all at once.

what I want with the velocity factor of the iron oxide is the same thing I have been trying to do for a while now,
I want to set up an asymmetrical rotating magnetic field.
air core versions I have tried seem to have at least one order of magnitude to little strength.
and when you start looking at the end result of magnitude times the speed of a spinning magnetic field, there is a trade off, actually a few of them.
the higher the frequency, the more costly the transistors.
the advantage there is smaller wavelength, so you can build all the hardware smaller and potentially higher power density.
then I already have enough IGBTs that are rated for 2KW and would deal with lower frequencies just fine. and if I break with theories for a bit and believe that the hull of at least some of the crashed UFOs are made from a magnesium ferrite, then it is quite likely that they run at a frequency of less than 1MHz.
so, I was hoping that I could use things I already had, drop the frequency, use a magnetic core, and put lots more power into the test setup. but without resonance of any sort, I am still about 100 times to little power (even with 4KW in).
I have fast capacitors that have a Q of about 100 (if my memory works, but no spec sheets are available), so if I design it all correct, it should work. but I better know what my core material is going to do or I might burn out $400 worth of transistors in a moment. or even worse, I turn up the power slowly and it is clear that something is just not going to work, but I would not know what is wrong.
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