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Originally Posted by ilandtan View Post
I tried to watch the video... really, but my attention span is limited as the orator does not have boobs.

Maybe "Natural Selection" is an abstract concept that includes hybridization? The idea and end result are similar.
Indubitably you're right about that in the same way that the progression of ideas, from natural selection, to evolution, to darwinism, and now on to hybridization are a natural course followed by the human mind. Not all that appears a conspiracy is entirely such, but that is not to be entirely dismissed either.

*Revised this paragraph
See, it's not that Darwin sat down with a clan of rich goons, though he did do that, and together they purposefully constructed a generational plan, but they did talk and ideas which later formed in to supposed theories were created to justify their own positions in life. Natural selection is an kind of hijacking of God granted divine rights claimed by the church. It does away with God and places divine rights in the hands of capitalists, and these capitalists wanted to assure their progeny of the divine right to rule they were now laying claim to, so the darwinian version of evolution is also racist in the extreme; it's a closed club you cannot ever become part of. Darwin did come from wealth, had little to be bothered with while children worked to death in coal mines. Much of this is covered by Gatto for those interested.

The real conspiracies which are true and real begin with the organization of education. Again it's Gatto who best explains this, but in our time, in the time of Shoshana Zuboff's Surveillance Capitalism, here now we do live in an epoch where there is absolute conspiracy because without it you can't be filthy rich. Great interview here in the Frankfurter Allegmeine with Zuboff if you have chrome translate or can read German.

I know this is all true by way of first hand experience but then telling you about that is like someone telling you about seeing a UFO. Worse it's really like telling you a story about visiting an alien world: You're just not going to believe me so there's no point.

Originally Posted by ilandtan View Post
I do disagree about the legacy of elites. The only time I see bridged concepts of a contiguous rule are through conspiracy theorists. I know you have children Gambier, you can't force them to do anything. They often choose the path of least resistance.
Well you shouldn't see everything as directly linked, but don't ignore the nature of the beast either. Here we have a film of WWII Japanese School Children preforming war games as part of their education. Now, is it any wonder that Japan kicked the living crap out of everyone what with this kind of indoctrination? So ya know things don't just happen because it takes planning and team work to achieve results. Saying that history is accidental is like saying a football game is a haphazard affair. We have coaches for a reason right? We have the Pentagong for a reason, we have the CIA, the FBI, ect and they all plan and practice. We also have NGO's (non-governmental organizations) and really here's where you get down in the trenches with the conspiracies. Who plotted 9/11 for example and so on.

Originally Posted by ilandtan View Post
You do have interesting points but let me summarize:
  • Hybrid Breeding Designed By Elite - Not likely - but if someone wants to spend their life trying to make that work - I can't do anything to stop them
  • People only have to perceive they are "Free" - whether we are or not, is a debate - Again no tactical recourse - and strategically we can put safeguards in place, but people smell food, and eat.
  • Alexy device is bad example cause... it's held up with a string IMHO
  • There are bad people out there... ones that are: just a beer short of a six pack, only rowing the boat with one oar, coo coo for cocoa puffs with an extra coo coo cachoob - you can't separate people like oil and water. Or you make fascist decisions that make us worse than them.

Summary: I can't do much about it, but I don't want to spend my life fearing a PERSPECTIVE
I didn't make myself clear enough. Think of the theory of evolution as a step towards another theory which is hybridization but understanding that these are ideas which are planted/marketed to the masses, and which do over time become the accepted norm. Whether this is a conspiracy I cannot say, but each move has lead to the next move and these are all self supporting, meaning that it's like making moves on a chess board with each move carefully thought out and planned. So the idea is that first evolution was an idea used to weaken the power of the church, and which supports the idea that nature chooses who rules (Divine Rights), and now we have, with the death of religion on-going, the need to create a new God which has to have a natural right to rule or they won't be accepted, and these New Self Proclaimed Gods (See above photo's) will claim their right to rule on the basis of genetics. So the Eugenics of Darwinism is sustained as a devine right to rule by natural selection via a hybridization with a superior alien bloodline, and of course not to be lost in all this is the key idea that we are all too stupid to understand even something as simple as antigravity, which obviously the aliens do, and so again you see there is going to be a bolstering on a false claim on a divine right to rule, and which will involve a claim of an ancient blood link to alien over-lords. I think in time you will see what I scribble come to pass as a claims are put forward about who has a right to watch over you and to rule over you. I hope this helps clarify what I'm trying to pass along.

The Alexey, if it's held by a string/fishing line, well this is something I just cannot see, and I am honestly looking and not just being an A-hole about the whole thing. Also, do not forget the suddenly vanishing informational web sites about this machine. I mean come on...seriously? I think our short term memory about the things that have gone on around these video's goes far beyond some scammer hiding out in the remote forests of Siberia.
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