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largest test I ran was under one foot across.
I had been going down the route of looking for things that would hold more voltage (for how thick they were) before breakdown.
mylar may not have that high of K value, but it holds back 10 times the voltage.
I figured that I needed to collect data on various setups
then put it all into one big equation to predict how various factors change the output.
I kept running into issues with my life getting messed up and then not having all my test gear set up for a while.
one of the largest losses I had was software vanishing on me.
I would give it a video, then you could tell it a known distance and it would tell you things like total distance traveled and acceleration.
I can't find anything like it from then till now.
of all the tests I did run, every time I started getting usable movement from something, it would be at the limit of the dielectric break down.
So I then went another direction, I figured I had to magnetically induce the voltage across the volume of space, that way there is nothing to short out. parts could then be made out of conductors and not just insulators.
the hard part to this is that you can't spin a magnet and get a spinning magnetic field (as in a homo polar generator), so, I have to spin the actual magnetic field (much harder).
so far my tests in that realm turned up very little.
years later I found out that others had been doing this and getting some results.
wilbert smith was one of them,
the MAGVID idea has the same field format.
and William J. HOOPER also was working on the same thing.
what I learned from them is that I did not have nearly strong enough of a magnetic field to see results that I can even measure.
also, they did not make the field asymmetrical, and I think it should be, as well as likely working better pulsed, so that is my next test.

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