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Originally Posted by Gambeir View Post
I understand what you're saying. Honestly I do. However, divert to the true history behind the theory of evolution because in that you may find that Frank Herbert may be more right than we care to imagine. Now, I only encountered the true history of Darwinism after listening to John Taylor Gatto's lectures. Darwin's theory of evolution is not accidental. It's really a fingerprint of the ruling powers that be. It's a carefully crafted idea but one which is only now being brought in to question in some circles.

The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto (Intro + Hour 1 of 5)

What we have mistaken for evolution may instead be hybrid breeding. Right now we have wolves and coyotes that have formed a sub species resulting from wolves being hunted to near extinction and the survivors looking to breed with the closest available relative. Applying hybridization instead of evolution may show us that evolution is not what we have been lead to believe.

The reason for bearing this in mind is that the whole notion of evolving and of evolution can be seen as a designed plot by the ruling elites, and that what evolves is really their story telling as part of their bid to maintain and consolidate power as well as a type of warfare. Ideas like evolution significantly changed how people came to see their world and to reduce peoples belief in God, and thus it is a kind of war on the power of the church. This whole business about evolution is significant in the grand scheme of global power change which is really what evolution is actually about.

The idea that we can evolve is probably misplaced and what that say's is that change comes from outside and not internally. Now in the context of time, the people who think this stuff up and who market it have a long history and track record. Societies such as the Fabian Society work on very long generational time lines to bring about changes in societies, and in the evolving story of evolution morphing in to hybridization, what we can now see is the story is evolving in to selling a new idea, one of change coming from outside, and specifically hybridization works well in the evolving story line about about a superior alien species interbreeding with humans. This story line has a lot to do with the idea of a natural right to rule, and here you may detect the ancient right of kings, so really we are being taken back to the dark ages in many ways.

See, unlike 99.8% of the people that have ever lived, the ruling powers are a closed society who pass on to their children the idea that they are entrusted with ruling, have a right to rule, and that without them guiding the human race the entire planet would sink back in to the muck. Darwin classified the human race in to some 53 different levels of advancement, and if you think the lowest of the low is dark skinned you'd be dead wrong, but I'm not going to tell who is the least evolved according to Darwin, for that you're going to have to invest time in listening to John Taylor Gatto: I don't want to wreck the movie as the saying goes.

OK, so now we have to ask if this rat holing is our true nature or if it's a quality that's exploitable? Surveillance Capitalism is about predicting our behavior. Knowing how we will react to events enables the control of our behavior. So maybe it's not that people actually want to rat hole what they have discovered so much as it is they don't want to have to try to deal with the tactics which are confrontational and offensive. Those tactics are really behavioral modifications being put out to change what we do.

For example, who is going to replicate the Alexey Device and then bring a video and their story here when the price for doing that is to be accused of fraud, belittled, insulted and attacked? Probably not too many people is my answer. Now is that merely accidental or is it because it's being directed? See, the powers that be began selling this idea of debunking with various TV shills, Youtube channels, and of course a small army of counter intel types who think they are doing God's work for Uncle Sam or something similar.

So the purpose of these dumbunkers is to actually do behavior modification across the entire spectrum having to do with anything not quote "officially approved." We got that right here. The only way to combat this is to have an informed and active moderation of the site which recognizes the damage it is doing. If allowed to continue unchecked it will kill the site entirely.

I think a lot of people want to do the right thing. I think most people are good people, but in all societies there are like 2% that are psychopaths/natural born killers/predators. Typically between 6% to 8% of any population is responsible for about 80% of the problems, so you have the opportunity where an unscrupulous 2% can then empower and use another less evolved portion of society to their own ends. aren't you the one who said all you need is love? Have faith, most people do want the right things, they just don' know how to get from A to B and the people on top sure as hell don't want them to know how to do it either. That's the point of this, they are out there working against reason, love, justice, liberty and freedom because if we had that then where would that leave them: What, as equals? God forbid that thought.
I tried to watch the video... really, but my attention span is limited as the orator does not have boobs.

Maybe "Natural Selection" is an abstract concept that includes hybridization? The idea and end result are similar.

I do disagree about the legacy of elites. The only time I see bridged concepts of a contiguous rule are through conspiracy theorists. I know you have children Gambier, you can't force them to do anything. They often choose the path of least resistance.

You do have interesting points but let me summarize:
  • Hybrid Breeding Designed By Elite - Not likely - but if someone wants to spend their life trying to make that work - I can't do anything to stop them
  • People only have to perceive they are "Free" - whether we are or not, is a debate - Again no tactical recourse - and strategically we can put safeguards in place, but people smell food, and eat.
  • Alexy device is bad example cause... it's held up with a string IMHO
  • There are bad people out there... ones that are: just a beer short of a six pack, only rowing the boat with one oar, coo coo for cocoa puffs with an extra coo coo cachoob - you can't separate people like oil and water. Or you make fascist decisions that make us worse than them.

Summary: I can't do much about it, but I don't want to spend my life fearing a PERSPECTIVE

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