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Originally Posted by destinodas1320 View Post
Unfortunately you are correct in your assesment. Also in that same video you were mentioning, if you look in the corner of the walls, the dark line of the corner actually fluctuates quite a bit, and seemingly in correlation to the movement of the device itself.

This video is the ultimate proof of a hoax... He didin't edit out the fishing line in this video
at the 2:46 mark you can clearly observe a line on the pillar right in between the two paintings on the wall. And he is clearly standing on the left side of the room, and moving his arms around directly above the device. When the device "lands" on the floor, you clearly can see him dropping his arms, and walking back towards the camera and where the controls for the device are. Since he is away from the controls ( which were just three seperate plug ins, when there should have been 4, 2 motors, DC HV and AC HV) how is it that the device just stops floating all the sudden, when nothing has been changed on the controls. Watching the shadow of his movements it becomes so painfully clear what he is up to.

I too wish that it was this easy, but there is much much more to Electrogravitic craft than this.
Yea, well at best your claims maybe called speculation, but the reality is that no one else see's a fishing line, and at worst your opinions appear to be free based imaginations. I cannot see anything you are claiming and neither has anyone else that I'm aware of. You're like the first person to see what no one else seems capable of seeing. I guess you believe that if you repeat something enough it will become a visible in the minds of others.

It would be one thing if you could discuss how the machine could be working, but evidently you have no clue how that could be, and worse you're completely adverse to hearing any such possible explanation. It's almost like you have a mission and don't care about anything real. It's clear that you have no idea how this machine could work. If you really want to understand then listen to Wheeler.

Originally Posted by destinodas1320 View Post
I too wish that it was this easy, but there is much much more to Electrogravitic craft than this.
Really? You could have fooled me, and if you actually do know anything, which I doubt, then try telling us. See, I'm not seeing any discussion from you. All I'm seeing are baseless and highly questionable accusations.
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