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Originally Posted by Netica View Post
Hello Med.3012

I was interested with your pdf but I don't understand what the diagrams are symbolizing in fig's 5,6 and 7. The red and black dome shapes.

You are talking about coils and capacitors but I can not relate what you are saying to these diagrams.

Can you please explain what they are supposed to be and how they relate to what you are trying to explain.

Thank you
hello again

in Fig 5 i just explained the geometry as explained by Don Smith a CW coil with another CCW , since the ETBC is a kind of flat coil both side can be seeing from one face , it's just from where you start taking the beginning of this coil , from the outside it's a CCW but from the inside it's CW , if you turn the coil things will be reversed .

in fig 6 it's an analysis of ETBC , a simple capacitor charged and discharged through CD

fig 7 a static electric field is secured .

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