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Not to disrupt Turion's thread

Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
I already asked you to leave this thread due to your disruptions. You came back in and Turion continued the conversation with you so feel free to post until you are asked to leave by him.

I have seen you have not done what Turion has recommended. That's up to you, but if you don't replicate exactly without putting your own spin on things, then what do you expect? You don't have to answer - I'm just saying.

You're always free to start your own thread to critique the work here without getting in the way of progress of filling up the thread with a bunch of posts that people have to filter out in order to get to the message.

I did replicate a system to Turion's specifications, tested it and presented the data. I got a similar response as just seen to member axxelxavier. After the data has been posted and it is obvious that it doesn't support Turion's contentions, he finds fault with the experimenter's method. In both cases, with my test and with that of axxelxavier, Turion's objections are not supported by fact, reason or logic. In neither case is Turion able to display his test data.

I chime into his thread when he goes on a rant and seemingly invites me. Or when I have a on-topic question or comment. Almost always he is the one who drags it off-topic and disruptive often discussing me. I just want to see the science and discuss that. I'm looking for facts, truth and proof. What's wrong with that?


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