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the most important thing is the amplification factors, any coil or capacitor or whatever combination if there's no increased oscillation when the system is isolated from excitation / power source it's most likely the system can't produce such effect ... at least there's no huge gain as described by Don Smith

the ETBC has this capability, i described this in my PDF ( part 2 )

why an increased oscillation is so important even we can't use it in practice since the system will produce thousand of amps which can't be controlled ? --- Don Smith 1995 video -----

simply because you need an internal feedback which change the magnetic field to electrostatic field within the system itself ( ETBC conducting foils ) the magnetic field tend to charge the capacitance instantly with no delay , this what produce double frequency behavior ..

if you make a relatively large ETBC the increased oscillation can be seeing with scope, any magnetic field enter the ETBC will be translated immediately to static field through the no conservative rotating electric field , here you can change the reactive electric power into active power !!!!

the ETBC will store this electric field and push another magnetic quantity both at the same time !!!

i think the best is to start experiments rather than argument ..


Hello Med.3012

I was interested with your pdf but I don't understand what the diagrams are symbolizing in fig's 5,6 and 7. The red and black dome shapes.

You are talking about coils and capacitors but I can not relate what you are saying to these diagrams.

Can you please explain what they are supposed to be and how they relate to what you are trying to explain.

Thank you
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