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Battery charging

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Running an inverter between the positives you are hitting battery 3 with 12 volts to begin with, which is your potential difference, but as the primary batteries go down and battery 3 charges, your potential difference drops below the standing voltage of battery 3. That's an incredibly costly way to try and charge battery 3, and your results will reflect that. The purpose of the boost module is to maintain the input voltage hitting battery 3 at 14.5 volts or HIGHER so that it is ALWAYS getting hit with a higher voltage than its standing voltage. Your results will reflect THAT as well.
Hi Turion,

So what is inferred by your statement is that you do not subscribe to the universally accepted charge algorithm which starts with the bulk phase of constant current, often noted as CC/CV, constant current followed by constant voltage.

You also have said on numerous occasions to keep current at or below C/20. So it would appear that axxelxavier has properly controlled his experiment. Can you show us test data where you, or someone, has boosted voltage like you say and been able to maintain the C/20 current level?