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Bots and fake economies,,Destruction by taxing-a constant

1/27 If markets get crazy, US debt, yen and gold the best ‘safe havens’ – CNBC
WHY would the Yen be a safe haven if their economy refuses to grow?
1/28 Japan data scandal: Tokyo admits 40% of its economic data is “fake news” – ZH
Well, so much for the Yen.
Facebook announced that it had shut down over 1.2 billion fake accounts during Q4 2017 and Q1 2018.
1/28 The fall of Facebook has only just begun – Zero Hedge
Nearly 48 million Twitter accounts could be bots, says study -
Over 40 percent of activity on the internet is fake - TechSpot
The Internet Is Mostly Bots - The Atlantic

So, what is this going to do to advertising revenues?

Armstrong has advice for Europeans trying to hold on to their savings when the GOV is trying to take everything.
Armstrong, "The cost of government always rises to oppress the private sector since the public sector becomes addicted to revenue. The people either leave or revolt in their struggle to cope with the persistent unpredictable demands of the government that historically NEVER lives within its means."
Our understanding of the economy is incredibly important, yet it is completely ignored by those in power. Nothing is possible without a properly functioning economy for the very existence of civilization depends entirely upon the function of the economy.

Historically, when the government loses sight of their purpose and sees itself as the embodiment of sovereignty instead of the people, then it begins to abuse the people with regulation and taxation.
As the government tried to stretch its grasp of taxation, they were, in fact, planting to the seed of its own destruction. Taxation is not a divine right of government. It is to be limited to the voluntary contribution from the people to share the benefits of communal living. Once taxation is seen as a divine right of government this will lead to the diminished rights of the people and then the rise of economic tyranny.
If we look at the fall of Rome, the first asset class to decline was real estate, as you cannot take it with you when you leave town.
Taxes are the great destroyer. You are an economic slave if you simply cannot retire without having to pay taxes. Taxes reduce economic growth and lower productivity for they are no different, economically speaking, from some gangster demanding “protection” money to operate a business. Rome prospered as long as it had a minimal flat tax.
The cycle is very clear. First, we have the attraction of the city with low taxes and regulation where people come together to create economic booms. Governments will then become greedy with taxes and over-regulation. This will then lead to the downside of the Bell Curve and result in the death of the empire, nation, or city-state. It is always the same pattern no matter what century or culture."

"Elizabeth Warren adopting the position to impose a wealth tax of two percent on people with assets of 50 million or more.
In order to impose a Wealth Tax, that means that absolutely EVERYONE would then by law be compelled to list everything they own right down to your wedding rings so the state could then calculate your wealth to impose a tax. You will have to prove you are under the $50 million limit to qualify for an exception. This type of tax would absolutely destroy the Right to Privacy. It does not matter if it starts at $50 million. How do they know you have less than $50 million unless you still report all your assets to says you are exempt. They government needs to know everything you own. "
"Elizabeth Warren is the new Karl Marx advocating communism in slow motion. To sell the income tax in 1913, it was to be just 1% and ONLY on the rich just as she is claiming today with her Wealth Tax. Ever since, the income tax has risen to 94%, dropped to 35%, rallied back to 91% and then eventually fell to 31% to rise again to 39.6%."
The State tries to support more and more of the populace as automation eliminates their job niche. Originally, the State just supported people who had no abilities that were in demand by the private sector. The schools were dumbed-down. The qualification demands of the private sector continued to rise. Employment displacement by automation has risen rapidly.
There is no happy ending to this story.

1/28 Dangerously cold record low -20 temps to hit Chicago, Midwest – Mish
The AGW people told us that this is a sign that global warming is real.
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