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topping charge

Originally Posted by Iamnuts View Post
When it comes to lead acid batteries thereís a point most people donít seem
to take in to account, that is the RTE,or round trip efficiency, a common
figure quoted is somewhere between 90 and 95 per cent,this means that
every time you charge you lose at least 5 per cent.
To get a decent life out of lead acid itís good to go at least 50per cent more
capacity than you need.Sulphation rears itís ugly head when you get below
about 12.3v.

If you actually knew how batteries work, you can get an INCREASE in capacity with each charge cycle up to 10% above the manufacturers rated capacity and keep it there virtually indefinitely. And you can do this while discharging deep cycles down to 10.5 volts every single time as the chemistry is 100% reversible to like-new condition. You don't seem to understand how to deliver a true topping charge to a lead acid battery and what to look for in order to know when it is actually ready.
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