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Originally Posted by ilandtan View Post
So I think that's one problem you have with an EBTC, if you make both both plates the same length, you are gaining no voltage step up or in the reverse step down. I guess it implies that it might be used best as an isolation transformer if you never join the plates, and leave a capacitive coupling. But where Don takes a voltage and makes few a few L1 windings drive many windings in the L2. The free transformation is not gained.

the problem with an ETBC is the excitation system .. you need a relatively large current to excite it plus higher impulse rate, the more you pulse it the more power, it's possible to rise the voltage or step it down , you can use it in Mazilli driver and it oscillate perfectly, it work in Collpit or Hartley oscillator , in Mazilli driver you can take the power from it when it oscillate without further coil !

the points c prime D prime are free but you can take power from them and light a bulb !! in the above drawing those point are facing C and D which make a fixed potential !!! this mean the electrons are separated in these point , so the capacitor is talking with inductance other word this special coil can differentiate the electrons based on their spin ..

maybe the best solution is to excite it using reactive power , we can use large current with large voltage while we use few watts input , the modern electronic is more advanced now then Don smith days .
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