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Civil unrest, race & crime, left & violence

Martin Armstrong and the left;
"The Presidential election of 1824 was really the start of the Civil War.
The left is historically always the violent side. The right argues to be left alone. The left cannot sleep at night because they worry the right is not submitting to their control. The revolutions in Russia and China came from the left. The French Revolution was also a leftist movement and that is where they began with the “Commune” project. It was the French who convinced Marx about Communism."
"An American Civil War certainly becomes possible between 2024 and 2026 if tensions continue to rise"
So, do you think that tensions will continue to rise?

Ocasio Cortez is going to bring socialism to the masses. I can see from evidence that she isn't well-read.
Costs and Consequences of Socialism-in-Practice
The world is moving into economic collapse. That, in itself will bring civil unrest. Here is an excellent article on the situation in Europe. They are pretty much screwed.
So, what else will go wrong as sovereign debt collapses and poverty sets in?

If you search on, Benefits Of Ethnic Diversity, it returns pages that tell you that racial diversity is great for everybody.
If you actually read the studies and evidence, they conclude that racial diversity breeds crime.
The truth is; we work together to promote the survival of our clan. "Others" who are not clan are seen as competition. As resources diminish, we will focus on our immediate genetic group and look at all others as competitors / enemies.

So, the left initiates the violence. We've seen plenty of that where people get beat up just for wearing a MAGA hat.
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Is America headed toward a civil war? - USA Today
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What are the chances that America's disunion turns into Civil War ...

We also face collapses in the biosphere.

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