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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Running an inverter between the positives you are hitting battery 3 with 12 volts to begin with, which is your potential difference, but as the primary batteries go down and battery 3 charges, your potential difference drops below the standing voltage of battery 3. That's an incredibly costly way to try and charge battery 3, and your results will reflect that. The purpose of the boost module is to maintain the input voltage hitting battery 3 at 14.5 volts or HIGHER so that it is ALWAYS getting hit with a higher voltage than its standing voltage. Your results will reflect THAT as well.
Problem is that differential voltage is @14,5 volt in the beginning, and it's dropping to almost 9 volt in the end, so I don't think a normal booster would work for my 12 volt load.
It should be easier if my load voltage is on 24 volts, but my inverter is working on 12 volts... I will try later the modified motor setup on 24 volts, but after I will find a way to cut the big noise.
So, any suggestion? I want to try again with the inverter and booster, but what setup to choose? 3BGS with booster (I am not quite sure, though, if it will work, because of the big voltage in the beginning, or the setup with 2 batteries, who need booster to work?
Which should be the most efficient?
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