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Originally Posted by ilandtan View Post
US English is my primary, and I also have the entire 1995 video transcribed in Rick's Book.

I don't know what you are listening for Med. Don is simply saying that the device will be too powerful for a single capacitor, and you mitigate that by using banks of capacitors.

Nothing special about that, nor properties, nor implementation. Simple capacitor engineering, and more towards the fact that the heat that a capacitor takes (because they do get warm in some of my experiments) that multiple capacitors share the heat distribution.

Absolutely nothing that relates to an EBTC, besides there is the word capacitor in the aforementioned.

what about hot spot and protective coating ? if you listen attentively he change his words between capacitor and capacitance as there's a coil has a capacitance which is an Extended Tesla bifilar coil E T B C ..
what about double frequency mentioned in 1994 video ? OK you will tell it's a rectified signal, we already know about that but he talk about a double frequency in another way can be seeing in the ETBC , i explained this in the late of 2014 in my pdf !

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