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Hi Dwane !

anytime there's a phase shift between voltage and current you have reactive power , but most likely combined with active power which do real work, reactive power is used to rise the voltage in case of huge electricity demand .. we use the reflected voltage component that came from the electric current itself so we can transport active power again effectively.. this phase shift help the system to relax !

in our case imagine you have 10W of active power the AC voltage is 220 V ,the current is 45 ma but you need say 40 A with 100 V ? ! here it's possible to achieve this gain but you have to put your system in full relaxation this mean active power is zero .. it's like you convert voltage to current directly but at the moment when you have a max current the voltage is zero , now we are working with a pure reactive system ! this is a huge virtual gain in electric current, using the simulation software you see the input power can be as small as 5 W but the output can achieve 1000 VAR !!!

now because the ETBC handle its capacitor with inductance you can correct the phase easily since both present together all the time .. there's other details can be added here but first we have to success in creating reactive power !

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