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Finally, i can present my results from 3BGS inverter test...
But first, let me remind you my setup: 3 x 40 Amp Deep Cycle bats , a HQ 300 watt inverter (low voltage limit = 9,6 volt, idle current draw - 200 mA), and the load - 3 Led Bulbs, with a 2,070 Amp current draw. The load was used only at night, for a real day-by-day use.
Total Run was 37 Hours, 07 min, Rest time was 87 hours.
@Alex, above are my setup info. I did not use a booster, I wasn't necessary, because my inverter have a very low voltage limit and also because the booster add some loses in system.
Yes, batteries was rotated. If you look at the pictures, number of the batteries (upper left of the image) differ from image to image.
In fact, each images represent the stage of battery rotations.
All data was inserted in excel for precis calculation, and, of course, for the graphic representations.
First battery setup was the longest one - 13 hour 47 min, followed by the third rotation - 7 Hours, 44 min.
In the end, because the cycle time was so short (@ 30 min), I decided to drain conventionally the power left in battery 1 and 2. It was @ 30 min for each battery.
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