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Originally Posted by axxelxavier View Post
Finally, i can present my results from 3BGS inverter test...
But first, let me remind you my setup: 3 x 40 Amp Deep Cycle bats , a HQ 300 watt inverter (low voltage limit = 9,6 volt, idle current draw - 200 mA), and the load - 3 Led Bulbs, with a 2,070 Amp current draw. The load was used only at night, for a real day-by-day use.
Total Run was 37 Hours, 07 min, Rest time was 87 hours.
This ^^^, compared to:

Originally Posted by axxelxavier View Post
L.E. OK, so here are the results of second test:
40 Amp Deep Cycle Battery, discharged normally at 2,07 Amp/h down to 11,00 volt - RUN TIME: 18 Hours, 39 MIN, REST TIME: 32 Hours, 19 min Battery was used for lighting one room during night, with 3 led bulbs hooked to an inverter, so this is why it takes 4 days. In attachment, you have all the data.
It is time to start tests in 3BGS configuration + inverter, with 2 Batteries fully charged, and this depleted batt. I hope in this configuration it would last for more than 36 hours...
I'll be back with more results.

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2 times 18h39m = 37h18m. Very close to 37h07m in the second test.