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The untenable life,,, shale & gas,,, pension funds & ZIRP

Ray Dalio runs the largest bond fund in the world. All decisions are made by the computers. The humans are there just to make sure that the computer is fed correct information. Is that our future,,, playing attendant to a machine?
Man is a social animal. We judge ourselves on our contributions to our family and society. Technology has removed this connection. We sit in front of machines telling other machines what to do. The destruction of the nuclear family is just one more step demanded by machinery. As soon as the screen comes on, ALL social interaction come to a halt. Just what do WE get from all that?

Shale oil, "But this dynamic appears to be a growing problem, one that could soon catch up with the industry. “It is also worth noting that with the continued growth in U.S. shale production, an increasing percentage of the new wells drilled are being consumed to offset the steep decline from the existing production base,” Kibsgaard told shareholders and analysts on Schlumberger’s earnings call. “The third party analysis shows that in 2018, this number was 54% of total CapEx and is expected to increase to 75% in 2021, clearly demonstrating the unavoidable treadmill effect of shale oil production.”

So, they drill new wells to make up for the decline in old (3Years old ) wells. But, don't worry, there is a lot of natural gas.
\'Flaring' wastes 3.5% of world's natural gas : Nature News & Comment
North Dakota flared off $1 billion worth of natural gas last year ...
Scientists Show Connection Between Gas Flaring and Arctic Pollution

China never seems to miss an opportunity to try new ideas.

Pension funds are still sinking. ZIRP really wiped them out.
"Bloomberg puts the beginning of the “end” at 2023 on a national aggregate level, calling it an extrapolation, not a prediction. Pretty serious, but not surprising"
1/24 Euro tumbles after Draghi warns risks “have moved” to the downside – ZH
1/23 France and Germany take major step toward EU army – Zero Hedge

Well, they aren't going to attack Russia. Who does that leave? Greece is flattened. Maybe they plan to attack Italy.
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