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Aaron, either read and learn or ignore.
Down on the farm we use SLA’s to maintain blood samples whilst in
transit. Each battery is logged and recharged. Maximum number of
uses is 5, then they are scrapped. If they’re allowed to go below 11.8v
they’re also out.
I’ve been interested in this topic for more than 10 years now and am
asking-has there been any progress?
Thyristors are brilliant bits of kit and enable the designer to do what
was once almost unimaginable.
Auto makers are using cutting edge technology in motor design and
smaller,cheaper and more efficient magnets are an important part.
Auto makers and phone makers are all up there when it comes to
battery management systems. I picked up an old phone my son had
ceased using,at least 5 years ago-and its still on that original batttery.
As far as my own switching system goes I soon found out that normal
relays were robbing my battery, SSR’s did heat under higher loads as
they’re never100% switched on and the Arduino was far too greedy.
I ended up deciding that 30amp bistable EMR’s were the solution,they
just need a tickle and that’s all, no more wasted juice or heating.
I find it rather sad that quite a few guys are getting egged on to spend
their hard earned,and time, building inefficient,inappropriate systems
and ruining batteries to boot.