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Hi folks! Here is an update!

Iíve been without a PC for most of the month, hence my limited posts.

Iíve been working with a professional CAD man on a 3D printable design.

The skateboard bearings are off the shelf. The key steel is off the shelf.

The axle will need to be turned on a lathe.

The casing will be 3D printable or it can be machined.

The rotor can be 3D printed or machined.

I would like to give away this design to as many people as possible from this forum and at the same time know how many people have got the files.

It is a design that has more than half as much surface area as Teslaís 200hp version.

I am going to post this publicly but first I would like to know the files are already in a vast number of hands.

If you are interested then please get in touch either on the thread or by PM.


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