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Originally Posted by Lightworker1 View Post
Hello I tried to replicate his apparatus but was unable show any OU. May be, I must fine tune it aggressively.


without a working prototype i can't give a precise reply ! but after long time investigating his technology i am confident with some points , ...

first the most easy way is to start with producing reactive power .. reactive power is wattles so you can't do anything with it unless in power transmission where it's important to rise the voltage in case of huge electricity demand , Don Smith saw it as a real power with a phase shift ...

second we need to correct the phase using his terminology it's another language system , as i said he worked with something similar to the ETBC extended Tesla bifilar coil, i am still in the phase of producing reactive power in small scale but i have circuit instability problem ..

i think it's a good idea to work directly from the main voltage using a kind of modified SMPS to achieve an increased gain in electric current through the resonance ... if this circuit works we just need to change the coil number4 with an ETBC in the published schematic.. using another CCW CW pick up coil an energy gain can be seeing easily, as you see there's some engineering calculation is needed .

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