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Armstrong,,, Freak Chart,,,the Left is bonkers

Armstrong has some interesting articles. Everybody writes about wealth inequality. Very few write about inequality of intelligence and motivation.
As the dollar goes up, it wipes out all other currencies,
People are replaced by machines. The State tries to support a growing percentage of the population. It raises taxes. There is less money available for discretionary spending.

The Green Overlords,
" Their global warming dogma has taken over the government, the media, and education to push their agenda. The rise of the Yellow Vests is clearly a direct confrontation against this Green Overlords’ agenda."

Interesting article on cycles.
"She illustrated a chart which showed the 300-year cycle in the energy output of the sun. I was stunned. I then spoke to her and showed her my Economic Confidence Model and how her cycle closely tracked the ECM for the rise and fall of empires. That added some explanation behind mass migrations etc., which I picked up from the data and history. "

GMO: Is the US stock bubble bursting? Our model says yes – Zero Hedge
Lance Roberts: the case for a 50% market correction – Peak Prosperity
1/22 Dow falls 300 points amid fears of slowing economy – CNBC

Millions of workers have been displaced by automation and are being supported by State money.
1/23 What happens when the easy money runs dry – Casey Research
1/22 UBS warns of headwinds after clients pull $13 billion – MSN
If they pulled it OUT of a bank, WHERE did it go?

The Freak Chart,
"View it from a big macro perspective: Central banks have done their best to lead a global economy back to organic growth coming out of the financial crisis. The promise was full employment and inflation back to 2%. If you look at the official statistics they’ve met their unemployment goal, but they kept missing on the inflation front. Why? Because they are fighting the greatest deflationary force known to man: Technology. Companies like Facebook and Netflix have stamped out massive audience businesses requiring few people to serve them.
The scalability of technology is incredible. Hence the economic model has changed and it’s all a bit inefficient for the many, but highly effective for the few. It is no accident that wealth inequality has expanded to the extreme degrees we witness today. It’s no accident that the tech titans are the richest people running around the planet. And given central banks’ desperate actions to ward off these deflationary forces they’ve enabled not only the renewed acceleration of asset bubbles again benefiting the very few, but they’ve also encouraged the taking on of unprecedented government and corporate debt and BBB rated junk debt in the process."

"1929 top, 2000 top, 2018 top (if 2018 is a top), but there is little denying the obvious: The $DJIA stopped twice in 2018 at a trend line that dates back to the starting points of 2 major crashes. 1929, and the 2000 technology crash."

1/22 In Versailles, Macron vows to reform to avoid king’s fate – Reuters
That slimy P.O.S. is just like Kushner. all these so-called leaders who have NO stake in the future.
1/22 Venezuela arrests rogue officers after military revolt in Caracas – Newsmax
Sadly, Venezuela got so rich on oil that they let their agriculture sector wither away.
The Left has gone so nutso that they are tearing down the system.
1/22 With Kamala Harris a 2020 candidate, Trump stands no chance of reelection – Ind
1/22 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, crusher of sacred cows – Rolling Stone

The left is so single-minded obsessed with taking over and destroying Trump and everything that is not "theirs", they have lost all perspective. Armstrong said that neither side (the loser) will accept the results of the 2020 election. If you think that the current shutdown is bad, just wait until we have complete paralysis.

1/23 Chilling Davos: a bleak warning on global division and debt – NY Times
Yeah, 1500 private jets showed up so that they could complain about the poor people rising up.
1/22 Pre-Davos survey shows sixfold rise in global CEOs’ gloom – Guardian
The Greens are working hard to reduce population. That masses don't want to be culled and smothered. We have already reduced our fertility rate but, they want more death.
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