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Hello there my friend,
I have returned home earlier than expected from Japan. It was an emergency return as my wife contracted a mysterious complaint. The return trip also was difficult. But we are safetly home now, that is what matters!

I now, with much reflection and thinking, understand how Don's devices work. As he says, it is a simple process once the understanding of the components' are used. I shall be attempting prototype as soon as I am able, which should be within the next next week or so. I shall then learn to make a video for distribution.

It is possible that many have learnt how to build the DON, but are afraid to publicise the fact. Perhaps they only share with those they can trust. If there is a big ring of trusted friends then it would be difficult to suffocate the information?

I shall be quiet for a while while I tend to my wife. I wish you well.


all is well Dwane nice to see you, now we have an abundant info about this device but a step by step guide is what make the difference, we don't need huge power ! we just need a level to keep the cold people far from being died from freeze ...

if i understood the last two published video there's two method , the first direct which produce thousand of Ampere very difficult to handle, and the second method using another capacitor in parallel just to produce reactive power, active power came normally when a perpendicular magnetic field separate V and I here you have an active power , as discussed reactive power is subject of amplification as described in my circuit , anyone can simulate and see , now we need and effective circuit ... !


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