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The parasite tries to instill meaning in our lives

22 million Americans work for the government

Considering only “means-tested” programs, such as food stamps, Medicaid, and housing assistance, around 35 percent of Americans live in households that benefit from government assistance.
Approximately 76.4 million or 44.4% of Americans won't pay any federal income tax in 2018,

the economy is entirely an artifact of the human population. Humans are controlled to a great deal by our emotions. Martin Armstrong's economic model is based on changes in confidence. The government manipulates the economy to try to manipulate the confidence level. Federal debt is going up faster than exponentially so, they can only claim to be temporarily successful.
As their grand experiment in managing the markets winds down. We are connected at the quantum level so, word gets around Princeton Egg

The post-war exuberance gave us the baby boom. Today;s economy gives us the baby bust. As more and more job niches disappear, we refuse to bring children into the world. The more advanced a country is and, the more intelligent the people are, the lower the birth rate. Japan leads the way. The Japanese girls are all looking for their "farm boy". Evidently, the pressures of city life run counter to the desire to reproduce.

The State is by nature a PREDATOR. By NECESSITY, it must enforce control over it's citizens. China has just warned it's people that times are going to get tough. China has rolled out it's social credit system where it watches your every move, night and day. Not content with that, it now has a system that predicts when you will commit a crime.
The demands of the techno society run counter to the desires of the humans who don't want to be a cog. The needs of the State run counter to the desires for freedom that are innate in most people.
As artificial intelligence reduces the need for new "cogs" in the process of production, man will continue to lower his birth rate.
As the State rolls out new ways to monitor and control these cogs, the people will rebel in the only way that they are still allowed.
They will go on strike in the maternity ward. They will continue to kill themselves rather than live a meaningless life.
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