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Originally Posted by thaelin View Post
I bit a lot more and went to his Lodi CA. workshop. I did see his device show output power rise with every new load he put on it. He is rather harsh on himself but he will not say it or write it if he himself doesn't believe it completely.
I even ask directly on the wind direction of the secondary coil and it is wound only one direction. Not like Zzzz says.
Thanks Thaelin, I really appreciate you sharing your personal experience. I think there is a body of misinformation out there(here). Think of hundreds of pages perpetuated with zzzz, and the lack of success, years of none.

I am not going to bore people with unproven conspiracies. Just look at the algorithm of people's input. When they chime in. The tree is of knowledge is also the gathering place for the sale of rotten fruit. caveat emptor

I know Rick isn't part of the bad fruit, and his ideas of Don Smith's compression and expansion, and ground use all seem to speak coherently. His book is faithful to Don, and I will endorse the book to those who want Don Smith reference.

But be clear: Rick isn't giving you a BOM and circuit diagram, with build information on a working device. But it puts in perspective the sewer of information flow.
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