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I'd like to see the numbers

This is completely feasible if you understand basic energy science. They say only a few people understand it but I find that hard to believe. I think they say that to send the skeptics off on a rabbit trail.

Any time you have a difference in temperature and enough thermal mass involved you can extract energy from the environment. Nothing new there. It's fairly standard science. What you do with the energy is up to you. Cool this or that or launch a rocket ship, it is up to you!

They are clearly trying to distract the reader from the basic theory or idea. You have a process that uses energy and produces a lot of heat. This heat can be their input. They insert their invention between the heat source and the existing cooling tower or whatever and poof! they can capture and use some of that heat energy with their invention.

The problem, in this case, goes back to economics. You put your money and time into this hoping to get a return at some point. There are many ways to lose your money.

I'd like to see exactly how well they are performing and expect to perform. If you can raise a million or two you should be able to engineer and build a device. You sell one or two or half a dozen for 50,000 apiece and gather some data, etc. You're still in the hole but if you can keep going long enough you might actually build a sustainable business. I have seen these companies come along before but they can't sustain themselves. Maybe this one will succeed. They look good on the surface.

I would have a lot of questions but I'm not going to invest very much in their business so they will not be telling me anything. They don't need me and I won't be giving them any money so there it is. This is not going to save the planet but it may help a little. We need to develop something real that people can afford. Very few can afford 50,000 even if it was the real solution we all seek.

If any reader has something that works and can be copied tell us about it. The cheaper the better. If you want credit for the discovery you will get it. It is nearly impossible to hide any more. Just watch your 180.
There is a reason why science has been successful and technology is widespread. Don't be afraid to do the math and apply the laws of physics.
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