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I consider myself a citizen environmentalist. I've been into recycling for 50 years, long before it became popular. I have served 40 years as a volunteer lake water quality monitor here in Maine, to protect the high quality of Maine's lakes, ponds, and rivers. If you have seen some of my other posts in this thread then you would know that I do not agree with global warming/climate change alarmists. I don't consider myself to be a climate change skeptic, or a climate change denier, as those descriptors are used to inappropriately label people who have done diligent research and come to the conclusion, supported by real science, that global warming/climate change is unsupported junk science. Like the fellow in this video, I want clean air and clean water, and have strived to promote that all of my adult life, but I will not go along with globalist schemes to impose carbon taxes that will only enrich the NWO elitists while doing nothing for the betterment of the earth or mankind.
"Seek wisdom by keeping an open mind to alternative realities, questioning authority, and searching for truth. Only then, when you see or hear something that has 'the ring of truth' to it, will it be as if a veil has been lifted, and suddenly you will begin to hear and see far more clearly than ever before." - Rickoff
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