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I post this to add to what dR-Green says.
there is a mostly boring document that the FBI gave out from a freedom of information act request. Most the good parts are at about 2/3 into reading it. Most the entire first 1/3 is highschool kids asking if the FBI knows about telsa...
one of tesla's lab techs wrote to them with the details of what ball lightning was, how to make, and how to use it as a weapon.
he said that you drive the primary at 1/4 the wavelength of the secondary to get the largest effect.
so, I have to assume that you would then want resonance of each coil to match that if you are looking at the making the ball lightning the will destroy anything near as it decays.
past that, here is an interesting thing that might be research past that point.
it is a PDF download
I started a thread on it on this forum and have been testing it with no results so far,
I mention this because there seems to be an energy requirement to make the unique effects.
not convinced that low power tests get measurable results.

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