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These are the little lawn and garden batteries I am using for this experimenting. Generally I use them when testing a circuit so I don’t RUIN my good batteries. I have 10 of them, 2 that are Alum, and ten 6 volt deep cycle golf cart batteries.

When I get done running several charge and recharge cycles to get solid baseline data I can post all the info on the batteries and what my little Harbor Freight analyzer had to say about them. Matt has a tiny bit better battery analyzer that I’m pretty sure cost him about $3,000.00. So when he says he has analyzed a battery and knows what is going on with it, I would listen to him. (I actually thought it cost more than that, but he told me today it was $3,000.00)

I’m just testing to see how long I can run the 80 watts directly off two batteries. Then I can compare to running it on a circuit. Not sharing those results here though. We’ve given away as much as we’re prepared to and only a few are building or experimenting anyway. I will just pop in to encourage people to build the circuits we have ALREADY shown with the correct parts. They prove this is for real. Then you are on your own to experiment and take it to the next level. We just want you to know it works and there REALLY IS a “next level.”
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