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Hatem and Terawatt

Here are interesting images about the Terawatt device. There is a drawing that was removed many years ago that shows the larger wheel to be a very light lattice work.
Then, there is the drawing that shows the common picture of the device as presented. There is one more picture showing the device during testing. During testing it has a very large weight added. This is used to make the rotation of the drive wheel absolutely steady,,, like any normal flywheel.
The lattice work wheel is called the "torque amplifier". Every thing else on the assembly is just normal stuff. The 2 butterfly looking things are just used to dampen pulses from the light wheel as it cogs it's way around. Cogging is the critical point of the design.
The basic Terawatt device is just 2 wheels, one steady, one cogging.
The 2 butterfly wheels have magnets in apposition to transmit rotational torque a bit more smoothly. I don't know why they didn't use an over-runnng clutch or a fluid drive.

I built the device as designed and used wood for the light wheel. The original device has a very heavy shaft and, the butterfly thing looks heavy also. I'm sure that my wood wheel is light enough. My primary wheel is aluminium and, only moderately heavy.
I built the Hatem device with 4 heavy aluminum wheels and a ton for magnets. It made perfect sense to drive the Taerawatt device with the Hatem device to get the mass I wanted. Both Terawatt wheels have 10 magnets and cog very nicely.
I am a BUILDER, not a bencher. I just built this and, set it aside. Same as I did with the William Skinner gravity motor and the 11 gallon HHO water torch and the giant crystal & magnet "clarifier" and the big SSG motorcycle wheel, and the Tesla hairpin.
Dunno what else.
I need to load the pictures of the Hatem married to the Terawatt.
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