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Reserve early for your seat at the banquet of consequences

I saw a crash coming in 2005. I started writing in early 2007. When "they" didn't let the banks fail in 2008 + , I knew that the eventual dissolution would be that much worse. While writing, I had to do a LOT of reading to filter out mountains of BS. EVERYBODY wants to rent out their money. To keep the rentals going when actual productivity was falling took ever-greater amounts "money". Reportedly, total global debt is $250 trillion,,, a fairly meaningless number. It recently became obvious that wild money printing aka,,, debt creation was a losing game. The CBs cut way back. The pundits now admit that there is no escaping a final crash,,,, as prophesied by Ludwig von Mises.
As we get that much closer, I need to do less and less reading and digging to follow the likely, true outcome. More and more writers are focused on things that I saw back in 2005+
So, what happens to all the money renters and their money?
Charles Hugh Smith has a good article about the banquet of consequences.
oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: Where Will You Be Seated at the Banquet of Consequences?

GNS Economics has a great report that lays out 3 possible scenarios.
While reading this report, you MUST keep in mind the lessons learned from reading,
According to Tainter's Collapse of Complex Societies, societies become more complex as they try to solve problems.
When a society confronts a "problem," such as a shortage of energy, or difficulty in gaining access to it, it tends to create new layers of bureaucracy, infrastructure, or social class to address the challenge. Tainter, who first (ch. 1) identifies seventeen examples of rapid collapse of societies
As collapse becomes more obvious, the State gets more frenetic and crazy.
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