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Tax raids

Repost, "Armstrong's model is showing a "slingshot" rise in equities. Everybody else is showing a huge fall. Armstrong's accuracy record is amazing. How could American equities rise so far?
One has to entertain the idea that; there will be so much revolution in the world that capital will flee to American markets to survive complete vaporization. "
It didn't take long.
China's Uber Wealthy Are Preparing For $24 Trillion Tax Raid

Armstrong, "ANSWER: There will be a cancellation of the €500. That is the rumor behind the curtain. I would convert them as soon as possible to small bills and/or US dollars. There remains a distinct possibility that we will see Europe try to cancel its currency and take up the IMF’ proposal to move toward a cryptocurrency. They are desperate for taxes and they will raise taxes even further. As far as cash is concerned, as we move into 2020, it is time to make changes.

Keep in mind that the United States has never cancelled its currency. That is a common occurrence outside of the USA. More than 40% of the physical paper dollars circulate outside the USA. It will be a political difficulty to cancel the dollar. It will take a major economic crisis. The USA will be the last to do such a thing."

Maybe, America equities will do a slingshot move if Europe and China get bad enough.
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