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The predators greatly outnumber the prey

This is the graph for the predator / prey population relationship between coyotes and rabbits. The coyotes can't survive by eating grass.
What happens when the rabbits stop reproducing? You can see this in Japan and most of the rest of the developed world. Here is a graph of the U.S. population growth.
Dropping fast.
Here is a chart of real wages vs productivity. We have been increasingly more productive but, for the same money.
Wages flatlined in 1975.
Here is a chart of consumer price inflation. It really took off in 1975
OK, it's simple. The lower our wages, the fewer children we have. Our wages have been flat since 1975. This reduced the pass-through of our money to the banks. In 1999, congress passed the Graham-Leachy-Bliley act to give our money to the banks so that they could front-run everything we bought. It wasn't bad enough that our wages were stagnant. The banks used our money to create price inflation.

By 2008, we had run out of money to keep up with housing inflation. The banks love to inflate anything that is a store of value. The banks blew up when we defaulted. The State ponied up an initial $700 billion to replace the money that our lower wages did not pass through the banks. The State was continually creating "money" to make up for the money that we didn't earn and pass through. This money was added to our future tax burden. We still didn't have the money to carry the burden. More taxes were / are needed. The State just redifined who was rich to raise the tax burden.

Crony capitalism, the corporatocracy or neo-feudalism,,, call it what you want but, our wages have been stolen. The self appointed "elites" can buy politicians all day, every day. Politicians have to eat too. A billionaire politician is an exception.

Every time that the power-mongers destroy capitalism and democracy, the sheep look towards socialism.
ZH Nearly Half Of US Workers Earn Less Than $30,000
For young people, socialism is now more popular than capitalism
Over Half of Millennials Identify as Socialist
Forty-Four Percent of Millennials Prefer Socialism. Do They Know ...

So, the rich manipulate the economy to get even richer. There is a big problem though. "Rich" in their terms means having lots of tangibles and monetary instruments. I suppose that's enough for most of them. All those monetary instruments have no intrinsic value. They are ALL related to consumption. The factories will shut down when nobody can buy it's products. Since they took our wages (buying power), they are only kept solvent by economic activity financed by the State. The State is fast running out of funds and creditability. Nobody is buying State debt but, it is spending up to $6.5 billion a day.
The money that the bankers hold is stagnant. There is no demand for it in the lower loop.
Trump is trying to diminish demand in the upper loop.

The banks intend to continue to run the show but, I believe that they will lose control.
Nearly Half Of US Workers Earn Less Than $30,000
Half of all jobs will be obsolete in 15 years, warns China’s leading AI expert

1/11 600 environmental groups just backed Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal – Gizmodo
It's definitely desperation time if they think the new green deal will fly.
The public debt goes up astronomically trying to make up for the money lacking in the lower loop. This just moves the risk of crash further up the line. Beginning of 2020 is crunch time for FED GOV.
The corporatocracy brought it on themselves. They bought politicians because they could,,, and because it increased their profits. They destroyed collective bargaining because they could and, because it brought more profit to hand out as dividends.
State employees have unions but, NO,, the private sector can't allow them. 50% of the cost of an item is for upstream or downstream finance. There is plenty of room for higher wages in America if finance would just let go of our money supply.
Just like Japan, too many coyotes and too few rabbits.
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