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I want to let everyone know, I bit the bullet and bought the Rick Friedrich book. I barley make it through watching his videos (zzzzzzz). But maybe I would bore myself if pressed to talk about the subject. The book ain't cheap, but I don't plan to live forever so I would like to see some results in one lifetime.

I can tell you he reads much better than he orates, and he checks his work with cross references. He used many documents that came from a friend of Don Smith. And took the time to transcribe many of his videos. I already like having it as a resource.

One thing I thought was surprising he uncovers the inaccuracy of Patrick Kelly right off the bat, and says some of his DS content is misleading.

I am not endorsing Rick's book or have any stake in it's sale. Maybe if I build a working device I will feel different. I blow a lot of cash on this subject, so I don't mind dropping 130US to NOT have to hunt the Web for content. Rick might be able to correct some misconceptions for me, so I'll have to wait and see.
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